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Keysborough and South Eastern suburbs Chiropractor :: Jose Guterres

Taking Care of Patients

20230726_112108I studied and completed a science degree at Monash University majoring in anatomy and neurophysiology before commencing my Chiropractic studies which were completed in 1998 at RMIT. All the years of study have taught me how complex the human nervous system is. And the nervous system’s role for healing and restorative human function cannot be underestimated.

Learning is a life long process and ongoing post graduate studies keep me up to date with the new information. A wise lecturer once said, “take care of your patients and your practice will take care of itself”, so it has been my primary goal to take care of every single patient that walks through the clinic doors and guide them through personalised successful health strategies.

Years ago we were challenged not only to help patients out of pain, but to improve our care and support people in becoming a health success. This philosophy of moving towards health successfully motivates every action we take here at the centre.

Away from South Eastern Chiropractic Centre

I am married with a young son, he has changed my perception of the world, it is so full of possibilities. There is no emotion more powerful than love, the joy I get from his smile is boundless. I love playing golf and follow the Western Bulldogs in the AFL, two passions which can be disappointing at times.

My family and I have regular Chiropractic care. Health is our greatest asset, it is approached with high priority, to eat well, move well and to think well. Good fresh food, regular exercise and rest, and positive thoughts for emotional well being.

Enough about me! How can we help you with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Give South Eastern Chiropractic Centre at call so we can help you take your first step toward better health.

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