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Keysborough and South Eastern suburbs Chiropractors :: Kevin Ulbrick & Jose Guterres

Keysborough and South Eastern suburbs Chiropractor: Kevin Ulbrick

Kevin UlbrickI studied Chiropractic at RMIT and graduated in 1984. One of my wisest lecturers would say that school is never out for the professional. The course laid a fantastic foundation for my career but was only the beginning of my learning. Most of the way I now practise has come from ongoing post graduate studies….. Read More>>

Keysborough and South Eastern suburbs Chiropractor: Jose Guterres

Jose GuterresI studied and completed a science degree at Monash University majoring in anatomy and neurophysiology before commencing my Chiropractic studies which were completed in 1998 at RMIT. All the years of study have taught me how complex the human nervous system is. And the nervous system’s role for healing and restorative human function cannot be underestimated……..Read More>>

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